About through her eyes designs

A standard "About Me" section would give you the run down of how much I love design, the universities I've attended and would tell you how much I love my family along with a quirky fact.

I don't follow standard. I don't know that I ever have.

This section is supposed to give you insight on who I am and make you feel comfortable with me designing your space; but to me it's not about the fluff and dazzle.

Here's what I think you should know about my view on design:

Space is meant to be ever-evolving and beautiful just like what nature provides to us on a seasonal basis. In the Midwest we watch the colors change; the old falls off and new comes in and most of us Midwesterners crave these changes.

Think of your home as nature. If it's not ever-evolving and changing is it truly your happy place?

What about your office? Is it dry and cold like the winter days? Does your space bring you new life and joy? Whether we are talking about a newly built home, an office conversion, an old space being brought back to life, or simply taking one corner of your world and giving it a fresh breath I can work through the creative process to make the space the place you want to show your family, want to rest your head, or where you want to entertain until the wee hours of the morning.  

I'm Katie, your designer and I can't wait to meet you!

If you are needing a standard understanding of who I am here's your cup of tea:

I'm a small town girl. Truly, like the super small town kind of girl (300 people strong and a graduating class of 28). I have a couple degrees under my belt and intend to chase more of those expensive pieces of paper because I believe in education and continued learning. I volunteer in local schools and run a program called GIRL Squad (Girls Inspiring Real Leadership). Kids are my jam. I worked in the sport industry for a few years and then in nonprofit focused on education for eight years. My life took a major swing in the opposite direction and I opened my own business. My husband and I are both small business owners. We have one daughter, the tiny designer, and my husband blessed me with four bonus babes that keep me on my toes and all have their own individual quirky personalities. I love chippy paint, mixed metals, high ceilings, and beautiful wood grains. I believe that design can be affordable and that your space is meant to be your happy place...