Doll House

Congestion was an issues in the Doll House Dining Room. As a host for family events, the Farmer's Wife needed more workable space for company in the dining room while sticking to her primitive décor style. A key element in many of my designs is to have custom pieces made for the client. This was achieved with a scroll that can be rotated for the seasons.

The first time my husband and I met Katie, it was like reuniting with a friend we had not seen for years. Katie is a great listener, a very caring person, has wonderful ideas and focuses on your needs and wants within your budget. Katie updated our dining room using pieces we already had and adding some new ones. We wanted more space for entertaining family and friends and a new look. She nailed it!!! We absolutely love our new dining room, we have so much more room! We highly recommend Katie and we look forward to working with her in the near future! Through Her Eyes receives a 10 rating from The Dahl House.